Monday, September 13, 2010

A Great First Day!

Wow!  Thank you to everyone for a great first day today!  Morning drop-off and end of the day pick-up were very smooth and the children seemed to have a great day!  We spent our time reading, building, painting, cooperating, and eating!  You can see from the picture of our overflowing drying rack that the children especially enjoyed the painting easel!

After spending the first day together we have some additional items we wish to share with you:

-a reminder that we are encouraging families to send 'peanut free' lunches as we have a child with a very severe peanut reaction in our classroom. Your help with this important matter is very much appreciated!

-please discuss with your child how he or she should eat his or her lunch. We have a snack center during free choice time as well as two organized eating times (nutrition breaks) and your child should eat when he or she is hungry, but also save food for the rest of the day.

-children seemed to become very thirsty as the day went on. You may wish to consider sending a large water bottle that can be sipped upon as your child needs water.

-we greatly appreciate the many wonderful donations to our classroom program. Thank you for such generosity!

-a reminder to check your child's note tote each night and send it back to school the next day. Many, many forms and informational sheets were sent home today. Please return these papers as soon as possible.

See you tomorrow!

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  1. Zoe's sandwiches are made with "Pea" butter which is a soy based alternative to peanutbutter. for just such an occasion,thought you should know. It tastes almost the same too, in case any other parents are interested.


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