Saturday, September 25, 2010

Syllable Segmentation

Syllable Segmentation:
A phonological awareness activity

The following is a list of words containing one to four syllables words. Say these words to your child and have your child clap out each syllable.  This is a listening activity used to develop literacy skills.  (e.g., for “banana” you would clap 3 times as you say “ba…na…na” and for “snowman”, you would clap 2 times as you say “snow…man”).

snowman                    butterfly                     caterpillar

honey                          sister                           dog

dinosaur                     pig                               cowboy

steamboat                   bathtub                       hotdog

banana                       baby                            tree

airplane                      alligator                      kangaroo

toothbrush                 cup                              pajamas

balloon                        elephant                      helicopter

computer                    sheep                           house

scissors                        cookie                         hamburger

fish                              turtle                           umbrella

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