Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Secret Messages

After reading a story about clubs and invisible messages, our children spent time writing secret messages to one another during play time.  It was a very popular activity! (Thank you to Mrs. Shepley and Mrs. Bombadier for a great idea!)

We used white oil pastels, white paper, and tempera block paint. Children were invited to draw a picture, create a design, or write letters and words using the white pastel and paper.

Once the secret message had been written, children brushed the paint over top and watched their message magically appear!

Some children wrote messages to themselves, while others passed their papers back and forth. It was very exciting being given a message from a friend!  Some children couldn't wait to get to the painting area to decode their secret message!

This activity inspired much writing and positive interaction among our young learners!  It's easy to do it at home too!  Why don't you encourage your child to write secret messages to family members?  It's a great way to get children interested in writing and discussing their writing with others!

Some Ontario Curriculum that this activity fulfilled includes:

1.4 follow and provide one- and two-step
directions in different contexts (e.g.,
in classroom routines; in music,
drama, and dance activities; in
outdoor play; in learning centres;
in large-group activities)

4.1 demonstrate an interest in writing
(e.g., choose a variety of writing
materials, such as adhesive notes,
labels, envelopes, coloured paper,
markers, crayons, pencils) and choose
to write in a variety of contexts
(e.g., draw or record ideas at
learning centres)

4.3 write simple messages (e.g., a grocery
list on unlined paper, a greeting
card made on a computer; labels for
a block or sand construction), using a
combination of pictures, symbols,
knowledge of the correspondence
between letters and sounds (phonics),
and familiar words

4.3 use a functional grip in written
communication to produce writing
that they and others can read

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