Monday, December 6, 2010

Sorting Holiday Objects

We are currently working on objectives from the Data Management and Probability strand of the math curriculum. In the next few weeks children will be sorting objects into groups and talking about what is the same and what is different about the objects.  Children will also be learning about each other by talking about things they like and dislike and putting this information onto simple graphs.  Other key learning goals for our children include: sorting and classifying objects according to specific characteristics, creating simple graphs, and using appropriate language to describe activities and events (more, less, the same as).

Today the children spent time sorting a variety of small holiday objects into groups using sorting trays.

At circle time the children sorted their winter items with Mrs. Oshar into piles of hats, mittens, and gloves.

We also sorted the items by colour too!

To enrich your child's mathematical understanding in this area of study, why don't you do some of these activities together at home?

Sort the Groceries

After grocery shopping, sort the different items in the grocery bags with your child. For example, sort the groceries into tinned goods, vegetables, or food in boxes. Count the items as you put them away.

Sort the Laundry

Sort out the different clothing items from the laundry basket (socks, shirts, pants). Count the items to see if there are more coloured socks or white socks, or more shirts than pants.

Set the Table

Sort the cutlery and dishes needed to set the table. Count each item as it is placed on the table.

Family Suveys

Have your child ask family members or friends about different preferences. For example, ask: "Do you like grapes or oranges best?" "Do you like chocolate or strawberry ice cream best?" Count the results to see which fruit and ice cream are the most popular.

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  1. Great ideas! Plus they can help with chores :)


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