Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Colour Mixing

We put out a variety of paint pots today and invited the children to use empty palettes to mix their own shades. They created a number of wonderful colour combinations!  The activity was so popular that many of our children shared their palette with another child (or two), ensuring that all who wanted a turn could do so!  We were so proud of this cooperation!  Some of the shades that were created were just lovely!

The children quickly figured out that they needed to wash their brushes in between mixing the colours together or the paint on the brush would affect the new shade they were attempting to create.

In the children's words:

"We were making grey - we mixed a whole bunch of colours together and made new colours."

"I painted a picture using a big, long, skinny brush and my new colours."

"We mixed it up. I mixed up black with purple and it made black. I mixed white with yellow and it made light yellow."

Some children decided to use the new colours to paint a picture at the easel.

Others just enjoyed the experience of mixing colours together!

Some Ontario Curriculum fulfilled by this activity includes:

V2.1 explore a variety of tools, materials, and processes of their own choice
to create visual art forms in familiar and new ways (e.g., use natural and recycled materials at a learning centre)

V2.2 explore different elements of design (e.g., colour, line, shape, texture, form) in visual arts

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