Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sand Table Fun

We added water, stamping, and scraping tools to our sand table this week. We thought the children would appreciate having a different medium to work with, as we've had dry sand for quite a while. It was a very popular center and the children used the tools in very interesting ways!

Some Ontario Curriculum this activity fulfilled includes:

2.3 demonstrate self-motivation,
initiative, and confidence in their
approach to learning by selecting and
completing learning tasks (e.g., choose
learning centres independently, try
something new, persevere with tasks)

2.5 interact cooperatively with others
in classroom events and activities
(e.g., offer and accept help in
group situations, engage in
small- and large-group games
and activities, participate in
democratic decision making)

4.1 begin to demonstrate control of
small muscles in activities at a variety
of learning centres (e.g., sand, water,
visual arts centres) and when using
a variety of materials or equipment
(e.g., using salt trays, stringing beads,
painting with paintbrushes, drawing,
cutting paper, using a keyboard,
using a mouse, writing with a
crayon or pencil)

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