Thursday, February 14, 2013

Exploring the Backyard in Winter

We have had some beautiful sunny weather around here lately - the perfect kind of weather for getting outside for some fresh air and playtime! We decided to check out the garden to see what the plants looked like in the middle of winter.

It was interesting to see that some of our plants are still green, even though we just had some recent snow fall. What really caught our eye however was how some of our flowers had dried on their stems and looked preserved from the fall. The white hydrangea was interesting...

...and so were the seeds from the tall, striped grass.

After carefully cutting some, we pressed them in between two sheets of clear contact paper and brought them inside for viewing on our light table.

The light below allowed us to see the parts of the plants in great detail - highlighting veins in the flowers and the intricateness of the seeds.

We thought it would be fun to gather more of the dried flowers and create art. We used brown, white, and gold acrylic paint.

Caleb carefully dipped the flowers in the paint and stamped them on his paper.

The thickness of the acrylic paint helped it to keep the print left by the dried flowers on the paper...

...and resulted in a gorgeous marble inspired piece of art! We liked how the colours we chose represented the colours we noticed in our garden this time of year!

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