Saturday, February 23, 2013

Message System

In my quest to help eradicate the world of worksheets, I have been exploring ways to embed meaningful literacy experiences into our daily lives at home. I created a message system on our fridge that I hoped would inspire the kids to write message to one another using pictures and words - that way the system was accessible to our pre-emergent three year old writer, and could also support the more advanced abilities of our six year old.

I posted a picture and name for each family member on the fridge...

...and modelled how notes could be written and delivered to one another using sticky post-it notes.

I thought by posing questions I could engage in a motivating dialogue with my daughter, who would be able to independently read what I wrote to her and answer me back.

It's proven to be a very successful literacy experience so far and could easily be adapted for use in any early years classroom!

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