Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Recycled Tube Heart Stamping

I love to recycle things into art materials and use as many 'found' things as possible in our explorations. I have noticed on a few of my favourite blogs that it's easy to turn a regular cardboard tube into a heart stamper by creasing it at the top.

We made six stampers and used a muffin tray as our paint 'palette'. It kept the paint organized and was perfect for keeping close to our working paper.

At first Caleb was very meticulous in how he stamped the hearts. He wanted each one to be perfectly formed and took his time analyzing the paper and planning his next move.

After a while he became lost in the activity and really explored how the stamps could be placed over top of one another; the heart forms still visible but the colours blending together...

In the end he created a beautiful masterpiece! I'm always amazed at the beauty behind children's artistic expressions - especially when we resist the urge as adults to control the experience. Had I reminded Caleb to carefully stamp each heart on the paper in its own space, as he was doing at the beginning of the activity, he wouldn't have ended up with such a beautiful piece of art!

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