Sunday, February 10, 2013

Marble Effect Hearts

We created some very pretty marble effect hearts to string across our front entrance! They are so easy to do!

To start, smear a layer of shaving cream on a flat tray.

Drop a good amount of food colouring all over the shaving cream. We decided we wanted a rainbow effect so we dropped the colours in the order of the spectrum.

Use a fine tool like a toothpick to swirl the colours into one another - the more you swirl the more of a marble effect you will create!

Once you have the effect you like, gently press a piece of paper and smooth it over the coloured shaving cream.

This is the paper after it has been lifted from the tray - it is beautiful in itself!

Use a hard, straight edge to smooth the excess shaving cream off the paper. We used a hard piece of cardboard. 

The effect of the stained paper is simply beautiful!

 We created a number of marble papers and cut them into hearts, which we strung across our front entrance! Beautiful!

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