Thursday, January 20, 2011

Box Car Racing

What can you make with a cardboard box?  A race car!

We brought in a large cardboard box today and invited the children to turn it into whatever they liked. They overwhelmingly voted to make it a race car. Using materials from the art center, they worked most of the morning to transform the box into the car, complete with a working sunroof, wheels, headlights, and interior parts like the pedals, transmission, and clutch! Thanks for your help Mr. Cipkar!

Once the car was finished the children pretended to race it, complete with safety racing goggles!

Someone directed the car using a traffic light to indicate when the car should start and stop racing.

When a lap was finished the car was gassed up and the wheels were changed.

Some Ontario Curriculum this activity fulfilled includes:

1.2 demonstrate the ability to take turns in activities and discussions

1.2 identify and talk about their own interests and preferences

2.5 interact cooperatively with others in classroom events and activities (e.g., offer and accept help in group situations, engage in small- and large-group games and activities, participate in democratic decision making)

4.2 state problems and pose questions as part of the design process

4.4 select and use tools, equipment, and materials to construct things using the design process

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