Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mr. Mill's Office

We asked the children last week what they wished to turn the dramatic arts center into. They overwhelmingly voted to turn it into our principal's office. Before the children set out to change the center (with the help of Mrs. Oshar) a few children went to Mr. Mill's office to take a look around. With Mr. Mill's help they wrote down what they saw (clock, papers, desk, laptop, etc.) so they would know what to put into our center.

The children helped us to gather materials, and make necessary props for the play when needed.

Because we are really encouraging children to engage in reading and writing for an authentic purpose, we have focused on the necessary literacy activities in which a principal might engage throughout the day. Here it our principal's desk.

A laptop for our principals to use (complete with a changeable screen)!

Lots of writing materials are included in our office including blank paper, cue cards, special 'principal stationary', class lists, attendance folders, good news visit slips, late slips, phone message forms, and certificates for children who visit the office.

The office phone and p.a. system helps promote children's oral language.

As children continue to express interest in this center, more materials will be added to support their reading, writing, and oral language abilities. We are excited by our children's enthusiasm for this center and can't wait to see what else they do in it!

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