Monday, January 31, 2011

Painting Still Life Pictures

One of our children brought in a beautiful lily flower. We placed it in a vase and invited the children to paint pictures of what they saw.

Their work was spectacular! It was interesting to see them with such focus as they observed the flower and then tried to replicate what they saw using paint.

Although the children observed the same flower, their paintings were all unique interpretations of what they saw!  We were just amazed at the attention to detail and colour!

Some Ontario Curriculum Expectations that this activity fulfilled includes:

2.2 demonstrate a willingness to try new activities (e.g., experiment with new materials/tools, try out activities in a different learning centre, select and persist with challenging activities, experiment with writing ) and to adapt to new situations (e.g., having visitors in the classroom, having a different teacher occasionally, going on a field trip, riding the school bus)

2.3 demonstrate self-motivation, initiative, and confidence in their approach to learning by selecting and completing learning tasks (e.g., choose learning centres independently, try something new, persevere with tasks)

V1.1 demonstrate an awareness of personal interests and a sense of
accomplishment in visual arts (e.g., contribute pages to a class book using their own ideas; offer to make a puppet for a play; create a sculpture from clay)

V2.2 explore different elements of design

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