Thursday, January 27, 2011

Spectacular Spectacles

We read a book today called "Spectacular Spectacles" and were inspired to make our own!  First we read and discussed the book.

Then we referred to some non-fiction books that had pictures of masks and other fancy face coverings in order to help us create our own.

Here are our creations!

Some Ontario Curriculum Expectations fulfilled by this activity included:

1.5 use language in various contexts to connect new experiences with what they already know (e.g., contribute ideas orally during shared or interactive writing; contribute to conversations at learning centres; respond to teacher prompts)

1.7 use specialized vocabulary for a variety of purposes (e.g., terms for things they are building or equipment they are using)

2.4 respond to a variety of materials read aloud to them (e.g., paint, draw, or construct models of characters or settings)

2.10 retell information from non-fiction materials that have been read by and with the EL–K team in a variety of contexts (e.g., read-alouds, shared reading experiences), using pictures and/or props

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