Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Reading and Writing Nooks

In an effort to continue to encourage our children to read and write in authentic ways, we have set up a reading area and writing area.  As with any new center, these were very popular and children spent the majority of their time working there.

Our new reading area is nestled under a giant leaf. We are hoping the cozy area will encourage pairs of children to read to one another and discuss books.

In our reading center we will place genre books in a colourful basket in order to expose children to a large collection over the course of the school year. Right now we have placed winter books in the basket.

We also have a magnet board with magnetic letters included as part of the reading center in the hopes that children will write and read words together.

The writing center is set up next to the reading nook. Today we encouraged children to make cards for family members by cutting up old cards and making new ones. We placed a number of names in the pocket chart next to the table so children could have help with addressing the cards. Tomorrow we will help them with simple phrases such as "I love you", "Thank you", and "I miss you" in order to enhance their writing. 

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