Monday, February 28, 2011

Introducing More Literacy into the Spy Head Quarters

Our Spy Head Quarters is still our most popular center, even after almost 2 weeks of play. Most of our children spent their playtime there again today. Mr. Cipkar helped encourage more literacy at the center by introducing the concept of maps to the children. They were very eager to use them!

Some children incorporated the maps into their dramatic storytelling, using them as props in their adventures as spies.

Others used the sticky notes and large wall map to record 'sightings' that they felt were important to share with other spies.

We also included a globe in the center to add more depth to the children's play.

Mr. Cipkar also placed a "Secret Spy Stuff" book into the center in order to encourage the children to engage in more writing. By recording ideas in the book, the spies could record important information and share it with one another.

Some of the children spent time with Mrs. Oshar writing about their adventures at the spy center. We are hoping to compile these pages into our very own spy book!

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