Friday, February 25, 2011


We asked the children what they'd like out on the tables today and they responded with the idea of painting! We put out a variety of colours and tools (rollers, sponges, thick brushes, thin brushes, textured brushes) and invited the children to work together on large butcher paper using their choice of tools and colours.

The finished product - BEAUTIFUL! We love the texture and colour creation!

The children's beautiful artwork inspired us to clear off one of our bulletin boards and invite the children to create a very large piece of artwork for classroom decoration. We plan to enjoy the painting and then use it as background for other artwork. The children loved painting the 'wall'.

Some Ontario Curriculum Expectations fulfilled by this activity include:

1.2 demonstrate the ability to take turns in activities and discussions (e.g., engage in play activities with others, listen to peers and adults)

1.2 identify and talk about their own interests and preferences

V2.1 explore a variety of tools, materials, and processes of their own choice  to create visual art forms in familiar and new ways (e.g., use natural and recycled materials at a learning centre)

V2.2 explore different elements of design

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