Wednesday, February 23, 2011

More Secret Spies

Our children were incredibly engaged with one another while at the dramatic arts "Spy Headquarters" again today. Their level of imagination and storytelling was just fantastic and inspiring to observe. The children engaged in rich communication with one another and they cooperatively worked through their imaginative play, using specialized spy vocabulary to add to the experience.

In order to engage children in writing, we put out our secret message activity where children used white crayons and water colour paint to decode messages they wrote to one another.

We rearranged our furniture so that the headquarters has a regular door and a secret entrance for the children to enter and exit through.

A secret code keypad has been added to help motivate the children with exploring numbers - sharing the secret code with one another and finding and pressing the corresponding numerals in order to gain entry to the headquarters.

Miss Rahman helped the children to make a secret spy phone so that outsiders could call into the spy headquarters for help.


In the afternoon we thought it would be fun to engage the children in a little classroom mystery by placing footprints from the window and back door and leading them to an empty book shelf. The books were missing!

The children bought into the adventure and spent the afternoon playtime searching for clues as to where the missing books went.

Did your child come home with a blue finger? We invited interested children to place a fingerprint on a large piece of paper. We're hoping to explore the science of fingerprints in the next few days by examining the unique differences in our own.

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