Friday, February 11, 2011

Rolling and Racing!

The children played a racing game on Thursday. The object of the game was to roll a die and race your car to the end of the 'road' first. It was very popular!

This activity helped the children to engage in a fun game that reinforced turn-taking and number sense skills.

Some Ontario Curriculum Expectations fulfilled by this activity include:

1.2 demonstrate the ability to take turns in activities and discussions (e.g., engage in play activities with others, listen to peers and adults)

1.3 begin to make use of one-to-one correspondence in counting objects and matching groups of objects (e.g., one napkin for each of the people at the table)

1.5 recognize some quantities without having to count, using a variety of tools (e.g., dominoes, dot plates, dice, number of fingers) or strategies (e.g., composing or decomposing numbers, subitizing)

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