Wednesday, October 19, 2011

More Pumpkin Rolling!

Deciding to enrich and expand the children's interests in rolling pumpkins from our big art lesson outside, Mrs. Bombardier placed some pumpkins in the building center!

The children were immediately interested in rolling the pumpkins and built a small ramp to use.

Rolling pumpkins proved to be quite challenging as the children realized that the pumpkin had to roll on its side or the stem would be in the way. The pumpkin also wobbled, so even if it was started off on its side, it might not roll straight down the ramp. One child realized that if the pumpkin was started off in the groove in the block, it travelled straighter than if it had not been! Great problem solving and inquiry!

We also tried small ramps for small apples...

Once they got the hang of rolling the pumpkin, the children created a game where they placed targets at the bottom of the ramp. The goal was for the pumpkin to knock over the target!

The obstacles got more complex as the day went on.

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