Thursday, October 13, 2011

Story Sequencing and Retells

Our children engaged in some interesting ways to sequence, retell, and extend familiar texts today. 

A favourite is Where the Wild Things Are by M. Sendak.

After reading it, we had photocopied pictures from the text (copied on overhead transparencies) available with our mini light box so the children could sequence and retell the story orally.

The children liked how the light box illuminated the pictures.

The story was available at the center and the children referred to it often for help in sequencing the pictures.

Another big book we've been reading all week (and that will go home in blue shared reading duotangs) is "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner".

In this story a spider tries to trick different insects into coming to dinner so he can eat them. He ends up being eaten by a bird. We decided to set up the sand table so that it was a spider playscape.

The children began to spontaneously retell the story, which lead to a search in our animal bins for the right characters for the story.

What fun! We can't wait to see what adventures await spider tomorrow!

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