Saturday, October 22, 2011


We wanted to engage the children in an activity that would help strengthen their fine motor skills and create a communal piece of artwork. We placed out a piece of chicken wire (with the edges taped) and a basket full of wonderful ribbons, pipecleaners, and strips of colourful fabrics. The children were encouraged to try and weave the materials through the chicken wire.

After a day on the art table, we taped the wire to the back of a bookshelf so that it could be permanently displayed as both a piece of artwork and as a place where the children could work on their weaving any time they wanted to. We left the basket next to the shelf and plan to add new weaving materials to it periodically in order to re-interest children in the experience.


  1. What a super fun idea! LOVE it! I wanted to invtie you to come link up at my TGIF linky party -

  2. what a great idea. It looks good too.

  3. what a fun idea! My girls are still not great at weaving bc they have never been too interested. This would definitely be engaging & fun for them!

    Thanks for sharing on the Sunday Showcase. Hope to see you this week -



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