Friday, October 14, 2011

Sunflower Still Life Art

"A still-life is a picture of objects that don't move. The artist sets up a still-life usually in the studio to do a 'study' of the objects. It may be a drawing or a painting. The artist looks at the objects and studies their shape, where the light falls and the shadows the objects make in relation to the other objects."

We are huge fans of encouraging our children to create still life representations using various art materials. Today we displayed a vase of sunflowers in the classroom and put out paint and crayons. 

It is always so interesting to see how the children interpret the objects and represent them with the selected medium. 

What colours do you see? What shapes do you notice? What size is the object? How can you blend colours to make your painting look like that?

It is so interesting to notice the different ways children see the objects, and the background knowledge and experiences they add to their paintings. Many of the children added elements like the sun, rain, themselves, a pot, and grass to enhance the picture of the sunflower.

Our amazing artists!

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