Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pumpkin Rolling

How do you engage children in rich discussions of math while getting messy and having fun at the same time? Pumpkin rolling of course!  Mrs. Bombardier has been discussing round things with the children during playtime. The other day the children helped her sort fall objects at the science center that were round and would roll.  Today we headed outside with the round objects, some long butcher paper, and lots of paint.

First Mrs. Bombardier helped the children to sprinkle paint all over the paper. The children thought this was quite funny, as the paint splattered all over, creating interesting designs. 

It was very pretty and really artwork in itself!

The next step was taking those round autumn objects and seeing just how far in the paint they would roll!

As the children experimented with the objects (pumpkins, apples, walnuts, acorns, etc.) they noticed that the smaller, lighter objects rolled much further than the heavier, larger objects. This lead to a discussion about what objects went far on the paper and who could roll the furthest. Everyone wanted a turn!

And of course, like any other messy activity, it turned into finger painting by the end. But according to one blog we love to follow, that's the sign of a great activity!



  1. what fun! love how the children got to investigate this hands-on and come to their own conclusions. I have to admit - all that paint did look lovely and inviting! Who could resist? Certainly not eager little hands.

    would love for you to link to the Sunday Showcase & share your creative fun! I hope to see you this week -


  2. They look like they had so much fun! I will have to do this sometime! Thank you for linking up to the The Sunday Showcase


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