Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Following Our Children's Lead

Children have time after signing into their morning journals to work on various math and language bins on the carpet. Two of our girls spent timing making musical instruments with the bubble blocks. This impromptu activity inspired them to play some morning music for us.

Other children became interested and we decided to put out some art materials in the event some wanted to make some instruments of their own. It was very popular with over half the class joining in. 

Once the instruments were ready, children experimented with how to use them. Some manipulated the elastics over the sound box on their guitars until a desired twang was reached. Others tried various materials for drum sticks including their hands, popsicle sticks, and spoons. Those that made shakers added or removed beans and pasta until the desired sound was reached.

After much practice the children decided to put on a show. They spent time organizing the chairs into rows and practiced together quite a bit. A number of children who had not made instruments migrated to the audience area and took in the musical number (the boys at the construction center were so intrigued with what was happening that they immediately came over to see the show, goggles still in place). Afterwards they asked to make their own instruments too!  What a great way to integrate music, dramatic arts, and visual arts. 

The big performance!

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