Sunday, November 7, 2010

Straight or Curved?

Understanding that letters are made of straight and curved lines is essential for children as they learn to recognize and print letters. It's also a concept of geometry and art. One of the blogs I frequent on a regular basis had some neat printable sorting cards that can be used with children. You can find them here:

Straight or Curved Printable #1

Straight or Curved Printable #2

Straight or Curved Printable #3

Print each page and cut out the cards. Encourage your child to discuss whether the lines they see on each card are curved or straight, and sort them into the appropriate pile. Not only will you be exploring some concepts of print, but by sorting the cards you'll be encouraging your child to engage in math as well!

To authenticate the task, encourage your child to create his or her own curved and straight line cards. Use these in your sorting activity.

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