Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Giant Writing

One of our children noticed the large roll of butcher paper in our room and asked if she could draw on some of it. We decided to roll out a very large piece of paper and immediately many of our children were drawn to it. They spent time engaged in shared writing and drawing. We are always interested in putting out any kind of activity that encourages our children to work collaboratively and engage in rich conversation, writing and drawing together.

Ontario Curriculum this activity fulfilled includes:

4.1 demonstrate an interest in writing
(e.g., choose a variety of writing
materials, such as adhesive notes,
labels, envelopes, coloured paper,
markers, crayons, pencils) and choose
to write in a variety of contexts
(e.g., draw or record ideas at
learning centres)

4.3 write simple messages (e.g., a grocery
list on unlined paper, a greeting
card made on a computer; labels for
a block or sand construction), using a
combination of pictures, symbols,
knowledge of the correspondence
between letters and sounds (phonics),
and familiar words

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