Monday, November 1, 2010

November Oral Language Activities

.an idea a day to promote oral language and early literacy!

Good-bye summer! Let’s talk about the clothes you are wearing now to keep warm. Brrr…
Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall…I know another word that means the season “Fall”, do you?
On the go, in the car or on a walk…find the names of stores, restaurants and streets and read the names together. Do you see the first letter of your name in those words?

New word: “Exhausted”…what does that mean?
Read a book together. After you’ve read it, have your child retell it to you
Tell me the name of the month. Clap out its syllables (No-vem-ber).
Did you know that birds “migrate”? What does that mean? Why do you think they do that?

What sound do you hear at the beginning of these words: rake, red, roof, rope, ride
How many words can you think of that rhyme with the word ‘TREE’? (e.g., me, see).
Oh-Oh! We forgot to buy eggs for breakfast. What else could we have for breakfast?
Let’s read! Make comments about what you would do in the same situation of your story’s character(s) (e.g., “If I were Goldilocks, I would run out of there as fast as I could!”
Find the “Canadian Tire” flyer. Cut out all of the tools you see.
Play ‘I Spy’! I spy with my little eye, something that starts with the ‘sssss’ sound.
Pretend you’re in a band. Bang your drum for the beats you hear in words (win—dy: 2 beats)
Dinner-time! Use different words to talk about your food: scrumptious, bitter, crispy, flavourful
Make a tree using the letters of your name on the leaves.
On the go, in the car or on a walk….count how many trees have lost their leaves.

How many words rhyme with ‘IG’ (e.g., big, wig)
Choose a book and talk about its parts…cover, title, author, illustrator, pages…etc.
Tell me about the TV show you just watched. Who were the characters? What happened?
Around the house treasure hunt! Find 5 things that start with /n/.
New word: “Thrilled”…what does that mean?
Sing the alphabet song before you go to bed. Can you sing it backwards? It’s tricky!
What’s the weather like outside today? Use your good describing words.
Play ‘Guess and Tell’: Hide 3 items in a bag and see if you can guess what each one is by your description (e.g., It starts with ‘l’, It grows on and then falls off of trees, It can be many different colours…). You and your child can take turns being the “speaker” and the “guesser”.
What sound do you hear at the end of these words: nap, cup, lip, beep, top
Tell me about what you did at recess today. Who did you play with? What did you do?
Let’s colour or draw a picture! Tell me about what you coloured/drew.
How do you make a pile of leaves? Jump into one…it’s a lot of fun!
Christmas is around the corner. Have a discussion about your wishes. We’ll write them out next month!

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Greater-Essex County District School Board

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