Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Artful Classroom

A child becomes totally engrossed in the process of making a work of art. When a child grapples with the challenge of representing an object or person on the page, he or she is engaging in a task that is both demanding and satisfying.  In our classroom we provide an assortment of art materials that children may choose from to make their own creations. We do not have the children copy a teacher's model or make a designated product. We encourage them to use the materials in different ways. Art is a vital and vibrant part of an early childhood program, contributing to all aspects of a young child's development.

As they draw, paint, and sculpt, children think creatively, make decisions and solve problems. Children's fine motor skills are developed naturally through manipulation of brushes, crayons, scissors, and play dough. Language is developed as children discuss colour, shape and size, and as they describe their creations to their friends and teachers.

Some recent art making includes...

More print making

Creating flying objects

Straw Painting

Puppet Making

And that was all in just one day!

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