Saturday, October 2, 2010

October's Oral Language Activities

Tip of the Day:

It’s a new month! Clap out the syllables: “/Oc/ - /to/ - /ber/
What do people do when all the leaves fall off of the trees?
Sing a song with numbers (e.g., Five Little Pumpkins)
Tell how to make a jack o’ lantern.  What will you need? Where will you put it when it’s done?  Why?
Say these words…. “corn”, “pumpkin”, “moon”.  What’s the last sound you hear?
Mealtime conversation…Talk about what you are thankful for.
Show me a scary face!  Tell me what scares you.
Let’s bake!  Find and follow a recipe.
Why or when do we use a flashlight?
Name three things that are “slimy”.
What’s another word for “Autumn”?  What’s the weather like during this season?
“Scarecrow”…Is it a long word or a short word?  Name some more long words.
What is a skeleton made out of? 
Say “cornstalk”.  Say “cornstalk” again, but don’t say “stalk”.
Talk about the steps in ordering a meal at a drive thru restaurant.  Where do you like to go?
The sounds in this word are /t/ /ur/ /k/ /ey/. Can you guess the word?
What foods sound like these silly words: zocolate, sumpkin sie, micken.
Name an animal that has fangs.
What is another word for “terrified”.
Plan a costume party.  How would you decorate? What would you wear? What games would you play?
What does your mom mean when she says “Cool it”.
Name 5 things that are salty.  What’s the opposite of “salty”?
Look in a magazine, find a picture and tell a story about it.
Make a family of potato people. Give them names. Act out the story.
What is your favourite chocolate bar? Describe it.  Why do you like it?
Let talk.  What would happen if you ate too much candy?
Name words that rhyme with “cat”.
Guess what I am. Clues: I am small, I like to crawl, I have 8 legs, I spin a web.

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