Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Water Play and Exploration

Children are naturally drawn to water. Water is comforting and soothing. The feel and sounds of it are pleasing. The natural attraction makes the water table a perfect activity center for early childhood classrooms. Just think of all the learning that happens there! Children experiment with cause and effect, refine problem solving skills, work cooperatively, engage in rich oral language opportunities, and learn basic math concepts such as measuring and comparing.

At our water table this week we have added large plastic jugs with the bottoms cut off and the lids removed. The children have been using them as large scoops, attempting to capture as much water as they can without losing it all before it's poured. It's been quite the challenge!  Today we added some marbles to the water table so children could scoop the water and marbles and compare how quickly the marbles and water moved through the jugs. 

Next we are going to add various sizes of plastic tubing so the children can experiment with which tubes the marbles fit inside, and how they can use the tubing and jugs to help the water travel in unique ways!  Stay tuned for pictures!

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