Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Outdoor Learning

It was such a beautiful Autumn day today that we decided to spend some time outdoors in the wooded area in the school yard.  The children engaged in some creative movement and dramatic arts together - practicing problem solving skills, engaging in rich, contextual oral language, and thinking creatively together in their communal play.

Many of our children loved using the cooking utensils and pots to make their own soups and stews.

They turned a large rock into a campfire and cooked together on top, sharing the space and materials.

A large mulch pile nearby turned out to be the perfect spot to gather ingredients.

Along with the scattering of leaves under the large trees.

We turned the space between two large trees into a huge spider web - weaving yarn back and forth and using large plastic spiders.

Some children decided to take advantage of the windy weather and fly the classroom streamers.

Others preferred to fly their own creations.

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