Friday, October 1, 2010

Signs of Autumn

Many, many thanks to the families who sent in the 'signs of Autumn' from your yards and neighbourhoods today!  The vast assortment of leaves, seeds, flowers, twigs, and berries was of great interest to our students.  We even had a live caterpillar!

The children examined the items at the science center using magnifying glasses.

We placed the caterpillar in a terrarium and spent some time observing it. The children drew pictures of what they noticed and we added words to help describe their observations. We then added their notes to the science journal we will keep at the science center.

At the first nutrition break we released the caterpillar back into nature by placing it in the grassy area of our yard.  

We are still exploring Autumn in our classroom in the weeks to come and would welcome additional artifacts for our science center. We will also be using these objects at our art table. Keep sending them in!

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